Info for Applicants

Leaving the armed forces and settling into civilian life can be a difficult period of transition. Soldier In Blue aims to provide ex-service personnel with a source of income and employment at what can be a critical juncture in their lives, whilst at the same time, not letting years of experience and professionalism go to waste, when their skills can be invaluable to the entertainment industry.We believe the families of those serving are the unsung heroes of the Armed Forces. Involvement and employment on TV and Movie sets can be a tremendous source of camaraderie, and a welcome distraction for the families of service personnel who are away on duty.

Military personnel are inherently punctual, efficient and reliable, thus minimizing the stress for production teams in managing a large group of people. ​
Due to the varied requirements of Production Companies for Extras of many different types, we have a broad range of ex-servicemen and dependants, from those with recent operational experience to children and spouses of those currently serving and even pensioners.