Info for Filmmakers

Military advisors

We are not limited to productions with a military focus, and can provide a wide range of people to any set, whatever the genre.

Due to the varied requirements of Production Companies for Extras of many different types, we have a broad range of ex-servicemen and dependants, from those with recent operational experience to children and spouses of those currently serving and even pensioners.

Our military advisors are drawn from the elite of Sandhurst trained officers, instructors, and senior soldiers with decades of operational experience. Soldier In Blue also offers a complete military package to TV and film productions. On-set advisors can offer in-depth guidance on military affairs, tactics, physical training, disciplines and historical accuracy.

We always tailor those we supply to the requirements of the production; whether the specific requirement is for drill instructors, weapons experts, tactical advisors, or physical training instructors to run boot camps. ​These individuals are inherently punctual, efficient and reliable, thus minimizing the stress for production teams in managing a large group of people.

We personally check the qualifications and credentials of those we supply, and only select those whom we believe have the personal skills and presence to deliver the highest professional standards and service.

Soldier In Blue can also provide direct interaction with cast members, helping them to understand and apply a military approach to their performance, ensuring that they are confident and prepared, so as to achieve the best possible performance in a correct, natural and convincing manner.