“The Military Advisors and ex-military extras provided by Soldier In Blue were invaluable during the filming of Fury. They gave the production an authenticity that would have been impossible to recreate without them. The Military Advisors were incredibly useful as a source of knowledge for me and my principal cast, with whom they built an incredible rapport.” David Ayer, Director, FURY   

“Working for Soldier In Blue as an extra was a fantastic experience. I had just left the army and it was great to work with like minded people who understood how I worked and operated. It was a great way to keep busy and the perfect stop gap before I started retraining as a Paramedic. I would certainly recommend it.” Liam Young, Ex Corporal, The Light Dragoons.   

“Working as a military advisor for Soldier In Blue on a major feature film was a fantastic resettlement opportunity. Every day was new, and if you want diversity then it’s there in abundance. Something I believe all ex soldiers pine for. A film set is very much akin to a military set up, the hierarchy is instantly recognisable and easy for a soldier to identify with. It is a perfect transitional environment period for any serviceman leaving who needs to move into civilian life yet still enjoys being around those who they have grown accustomed to over many years of service. It was also immensely rewarding to have my skills and experiences acquired over a long career be so highly valued.” WO1 (RSM) David Rae, Specialist Military Advisor, FURY